I’m so glad you found your way here!

Take a look around! This space is all about writing YOUR WAY. It is about putting your goals and your style first, and leaning into that so that you can set yourself up for writing success.

Do you have a desire to tell your story but don’t know where to start?

Do you believe that there is a book inside of you that you want to bring out into the world?

Do you want to create a writing habit so that you can start that blog, or reignite an existing blog with new content?

Do you want to write a book for your business?

Do you want to increase your visibility through your writing, get more readers and speak to your audience in a way that captures their attention?

Are you ready to get serious and put the work into your writing project?

And are you tired of feeling like there is only one way to write, and it isn’t the way that feels good to you? Then you are in the right place! Here you get to explore your writing style with tools and tips for everyone. There is no wrong way to tell your story. I hope this is the beginning of your wonderful writing journey, and that you have a lot of fun along the way.

A Little About Me

Hello, my name is Safiya Robinson

I’m an island girl who lives, works and writes in Barbados. I started a blog just before I turned 40 where I reflected on the lessons I had learned throughout my life. My passion for writing grew beyond this journey, and now includes books and blogs that include my experiences and my philosophy on life, sprinkled with fun, humour and big love from a small island. 

My journey has inspired me to encourage other would be writers to release the shoulds, and write their story their way. I hope this space inspires you to embrace every part of your story and just start writing!